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Proper pool maintenance is the sure way to foster quality pool experiences for your family and friends. Every pool owner should strive to have a clean and safe pool. Maintenance therefore will not only make your pool pleasant and clean: it will promote the safety standards as well. Thankfully, Poolability is here to help. We undertake professional pool maintenance by tackling all the important elements. First, we provide monthly pool cleaning together with balance treatment. Pool blankets and rollers must also be looked after in the right way. We take care of these pool covers as well. Other services we undertake include filter media changes, Sand, Diamond Brite and Glass. If your cartridge filters need replacing, we fix this as well. Poolability conducts onsite service calls so that your pool can be kept in the best shape possible. We tailor solutions to other issues that may be detected as we maintain your pool.

Pool and Spa

For pool and spa equipment to function optimally, all the right elements must be in place. In addition, choosing equipment that is efficient will save you money. Poolability works to ensure that your pool and spa equipment are in top shape. To begin with, we do installations, repairs and even upgrades. Because we are industry experts, we advise you on the best upgrades that will make a world of difference. A good example is installing equipment that will save power like Energy Saving Pool Pumps. These pumps are excellent if you are looking to get your Return on Investment (ROI) within a short time. We also do Pool Automation. This way, you can remotely control your pool on mobile, tablet or PC. Poolability also does Pool Heating where you can choose gas, solar or electric heating options. If you are looking for additional features like pool lights and other water components, we deliver as well.


Effective pool cleaning is best done with the correct cleaning tools. Technology has greatly advanced providing all manner of cleaning approaches that give your pool the best results possible. At Poolability we offer advice on which pool cleaner, whether it be Suction, Mechanical, Robotic or a Pressure Pool cleaner is best suited to your pool. We can also offer you a regular monthly pool clean. Cleaning also has to include the water; and in this case, we do pool water chemical balance and treatment. Here, we make sure that your pool water has the right mineral composition. Furthermore, the water will be cleansed from germs and viruses. At the end of the cleaning process, your pool will be clean, safe and radiant. Cleaning aids like brushes, scoops, hoses, VAC heads and telepoles may need repairs and replacements; we do the necessary fixing to these tools.

Pool/Spa Water

Many traditional pools use saltwater. Salt (sodium chloride) pools are however being overtaken by newer options. This is because people are switching to pools that offer health benefits. A great example is a Magna Pool system. Here, the water uses a patented blend of Magnesium & Potassium, no use of salt like other systems. These minerals have an array of proven health benefits; including soothing aches and pains. We also offer you Mineral poolwater, with a combination of salts & Magnesium. These also offer a pleasurable swimming experience; owing to silky smooth feel to the water. Looking for a freshwater pool? The Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system is a unique and innovative product as it simultaneously uses three processes to annihilate bacteria, fungi, and viruses from your pool. If you want to convert your pool to Magna Pool, Enviroswim, Minerals or Salt , Poolability employs all these systems to give you a modern healthy pool.

Pool Safety

Poolability conducts professional pool safety inspection. After we have inspected your pool, we provide a very concise report in not more than 48 hours. In fact, in most cases, you can expect your report in just a few hours. We are not just licensed to inspect your pool, but we are also insured to your delight. We understand the need to have simple reports that are easy to interpret. To this end, we go an extra mile to give you reports that you can understand within a short time. In addition to simplicity, our reports are very accurate so that you do not have to seek another opinion in this respect. We leverage on sizable images to give you the full breakdown of what needs to be fixed. Areas that do not conform to the set standards will be highlighted elaborately. Pool inspection for safety by Poolability is highly affordable. You can be sure to get value for your money. Also, we strive to deliver prompt services to all our clients.


Pool chemicals are critical to providing the right water balance. When the water loses its balance, dangerous pathogens can breed; and this can make your pool a hub for bacteria and viruses. It goes without saying that such untreated pool water is not safe for use. When the chemicals are used wrongly, this creates a danger where pool parts can erode. This can be detrimental to the durability of your pool; it is costly to say the least. When the pool chemicals are just right, you do not have to worry about skin or eye irritation. When the water becomes cloudy, this is a good indicator that the chemical balance is off. Poolability plays a pivotal role to solve your pool chemical problems. We have a full range of pool and spa chemicals. In certain locations, we make home deliveries. Through the use of apps like Zodiac Pure Solutions, we generate accurate reports on your pool water balance. Rest assured that we have all your pool chemical needs covered.

My Experience 

Poolability is a one-stop resource for all your swimming pool needs in New South Wales. We provide expert pool services that include sanitation, heating, equipment automation, pool hydraulics, pool water chemistry; among others. We also offer customized pool solutions and in this respect, feel free to talk to us no matter your issue.

Poolability was founded by Malcolm Brown in 2015. Malcolm is a seasoned expert with over 25 years in the swimming pool industry. As a technician and trades-person, Malcolm has well over 35 years in the servicing industry. On the board of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of NSW & ACT” as well as the board of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association. He has also served nationally in the board as well. With Poolability, Malcolm seeks to share his expert knowledge acquired over the years. For 15 years, he worked with a multinational pool equipment manufacturer and supplier. While holding various senior positions at the company, Malcolm polished his expertise and know-how. Among others, his work led him to conduct various training projects focusing on pool equipment and best practices. He has conducted such training both nationally and abroad.

Malcolm is a dedicated professional who greatly values outstanding customer service. Therefore, when you choose to consult Poolability, you can expect very high standards in customer relations. This site is therefore a rich resource to help you tackle problems and issues arising from your swimming pool. Malcolm Brown taps his expert knowledge on all facets of swimming pools to make your pool experience blissful. Pool owners in the Central West Region of NSW can therefore expect specialized services.

If you are a pool owner who is looking to meet all the legislative requirements for safety, this service will guide you accordingly. Pool safety compliance is key and we will help you through it. Currently, Malcolm is being trained to be a registered E1 Pool Certifier. Poolability is geared to making your pool function optimally while observing the highest standards. Just to echo our slogan, Your pool. Our ability